Capital Paper Return Policy

Please call customer service at 1-800-565-5008, or send an email with your contact information to to schedule a return. Please note all returns are subject to the following requirements:

All returns must be entered by customer service, our drivers are not authorized to accept product(s) without the appropriate paperwork.

Items sent back with the driver without the proper paperwork will not receive a credit, as we have no way of tracking the products movement, it may become lost in our normal day to day operations.

Once the return is set up in our system you will be instructed to return the product by the most suitable manner.

If you receive your Capital Paper deliveries via one of our trucks, the driver will bring the return paperwork along with your next order. In certain circumstances it may be required for us to pick the product up before your regularly scheduled delivery day, in this situation you will be notified of this immediately.

If you receive your orders through third party delivery, your return paperwork will be faxed or emailed to you and must accompany the product on its return, to be matched with the return in our system.

In order to receive full credit it must be the full product, part cases or partially used product will only be eligible for partial credit.

All products returned will have a restocking fee applied, up to 20% of the items cost.

Items returned due to the fault of Capital Paper will not have a restocking fee applied.

Items purchased from our discount warehouse are not eligible for return.

Items returned to the wrong warehouse will incur a fee to transfer the item to the correct one.

Product must be in re-sellable condition.

Product must be in original packaging.

There can be NO outside markings on the product.

Product that is returned because it is believed to have a defect, but is deemed not defective can be held and returned to the customer within a week. But at the customer’s responsibility either when their next order is placed or by picking the item up. After one week the product will be disposed of.

Product that is deemed to be defective by the supplier will have the credit applied to the customers account when our credit is received from the supplier. If it is a known issue with that vendor, credit will be applied right away, if the product needs to be returned to the supplier for testing, the customer will have to wait for the product to be deemed defective.